Meet Scott


Hi. I’m Scott, one of RicchiToni’s two founders. I’m still learning Italian so I’ll write first in English then try some Italian, although it will be far from perfect.

I sing with RicchiToni because I love to sing. It makes me happy. I sang with the London Gay Men’s Chorus (LGMC) for over 15 years. I volunteered as their business development director, and served as a trustee on their board for almost 3 of those years.

When I moved to Italy I knew that Puglia didn’t yet have an LGBT+ choir, even although they were well established elsewhere in Italy. I knew that I wanted to start one here. The LGMC had been an important part of my life in London. I saw first hand how singing can be a powerful tool for promoting equality. We campaigned for equal marriage in the UK, using our voices to sing to the UK legislature when they were voting in the chambers of the Houses of Parliament. The Deputy Prime Minister came outside to tell us that they could hear us sing as they debated and that we were an inspiration, a voice that could not be ignored.

As an attorney working in London I took an interest in diversity and inclusion, setting up and chairing the LGBT network at the international law company I worked at, mentoring colleagues and LGBTI students and working with other organisations and professional networks to champion and facilitate diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

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Ciao. Sono Scott, uno dei due co-fondatori di RicchiToni.

Amo cantare. Prima di venire in Italia cantavo con il London Gay Men’s Chorus. Quando sono arrivato in Italia sapevo che non c'era un coro LGBT in Puglia.

La musica e il canto ci uniscono e possono raggiungere persone a vari livelli emotivi. Un modo brillante per ispirare, intrattenere e educare. Cantare con un coro LGBT+ offre la possibilità di entrare in contatto con persone che potrebbero non aver mai conosciuto consapevolmente una persona gay, lesbica, trans o intersessuale. Questo può aiutare a cambiare le opinioni che potrebbero avere su di noi. Questo può essere molto più potente del dibattito.