Why RicchiToni?

The name of our choir is a play on words. “Ricchione” is a derogatory term used to insult those perceived to be other than “straight”. By taking the word that when used against us has caused and continues to cause such pain and harm, and distorting it into something beautiful and for us aspirational - “RicchiToni” means rich tones - allows us reclaim the story that we have been denied. It tells the world that words can’t break us, because we are stronger than any insult thrown at us. Instead we turn it into something beautiful. You take out a weapon and we give you back a flower.

Meet Scott

Meet Scott, one of our 2 co-founders..

Hi, I’m Scott. When I came to live in Italy I knew there was no LGBT choir here in Puglia. Having been a director and trustee of the London Gay Men’s Chorus, singing with them for over 15 years, I knew that... read more

Meet Michele

Incontra Michele, l'altro nostro co-fondatore

Ciao!  Michele here.. I have always thought that singing is the most free, poetic and revolutionary act that life has given us.

Singing is a refuge from the darkness of the world. But it is also a way to illuminate it. And so here we are, carrying on our fight, with musical notes instead of bombs.