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Our travel guide to Puglia brought to you from Puglia.
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  • We love Polignano a Mare, Puglia’s iconic backdrop. We share an insider tip on where to go to enjoy a quieter lunch or dinner...

Puglia - che bella!

Puglia is the southeastern most region of Italy, forming the heel of Italy's boot.

Bordered by the Adriatic on the east and by the Ionian on the southwest, with glittering stretches of golden sand and dry hot rocks on which to bake. Sparkling azure waters to dip into and cool off in surround our coast, which at around 800km is the longest of Italy's mainland regions.

Combined with hot, dry summers seeing temperatures at times reaching above 40 °C and benefiting from easy access via two main airports it is easy to understand why Puglia has become a holiday hotspot, especially for gay travellers.

We're gay, but we're not gay enough...

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Italy is considered a gay-friendly country, despite the anti-LGBT sentiment of its recent current right-wing coalition government promoting "traditional" family values.

Whilst LGBT people may still encounter homophobia, public opinion on homosexuality is increasingly tolerant.

In our experience an even more liberal stance is taken here in the south, perhaps as a consequence of the anti-fascist views of many southern Italians.

LGBT rights have changed significantly over the last few years. Same sex unions have been recognised since 2016 although Italy, unlike many other western European countries, still does not have equal marriage.

Discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation is not of itself unlawful and LGBT persons may still face some legal challenges not experienced by non-LGBT residents.